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Alexandria Chambers, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

Alexandria Chambers, LMT, is licensed by the state of California and a member of the ABMP Massage Association. Alexandria graduated from Hands On Healing Institute in Tujunga, CA and has also attended Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, IPSB, in Culver City, CA.   She brings over a decade of experience into her practice and offers therapeutic massages blending Swedish and Deep Tissue massage with Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, and Energy work. She is certified in several modalities that she combines to create a unique and

personal experience for each individual session. Alexandria listens to the body in order to intentionally create a massage that will suit your specific needs. Her serene approach offers harmony, balance, and positivity to bring ease to your busy life.  Alexandria truly enjoys and loves her work more and more every day.  She is passionate about helping others and she is passionate about the positive effects of massage therapy on the body and mind. She believes our bodies are the instruments that we use to perform in life, and like any tool, the body needs to be maintained. Alexandria believes that massage is essential to the maintenance and rehabilitation of the body for it is a fantastic tool for grounding the mind, becoming centered in spirit, and releasing physical stress.

What is Massage Therapy


Benefits of Massage

For many, getting a professional massage means having the opportunity to completely relax in a soothing and meditative environment; but beyond relaxing there are several other benefits of massage that can help contribute to your overall health and wellness - both mentally and physically.

Helps Relieve Anxiety and Depression

  • Massage leads to a decrease in the levels of stress hormones
  • Increases neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, which help reduce depression
  • Can help relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well

Promotes Healthy Sleep

  • Increase of endorphins and serotonin that are produced after massage  help produce calm and serene feelings, which naturally aid in a restful and peaceful sleep
  • An increase of serotonin increases melatonin, which is the hormone that helps regulate sleep

Curbs Headaches

  • The space on your neck under the back of the skull contains many pressure points, muscle pain in this area are likely triggers for migraines and headaches
  • When these pressure points are kneaded, tension will be reduced and you should be left with a clear head
  • We must remember to hydrate after your massage so as not to bring on another headache from altered blood flow, blood sugar levels, or dehydration

Controls Blood Pressure

  • Massage can also help improve blood circulation, which may reduce causes of high blood pressure like swelling or edema
  • Patients with high blood pressure should always speak with their doctor before getting a massage, and therapy should be avoided altogether if blood clots are present or internal bleeding is a risk

Boosts Immunity

  • Regular massage can naturally increase your immune system's white blood cells (the body's natural killer cells), which make you better able to fight off bacteria and infection
  • Massage helps stimulate the lymphatic and digestive systems, which also helps with an overall felling of well-being

Achieve Fitness Goals

  • By getting regular massage work, we can work on aligning the muscular skeletal system to respond to our movements
  • Massage combined with personal training, designed to recognize imbalances, can be addressed and improved with a consistent program designed to address each person's lifestyle, medical history, and occupation to help achieve each person's fitness goals

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Give the gift of massage as your next birthday gift or for your next anniversary. Having an office party, auction, or maybe you just want to appreciate someone, why not show them with a massage. Maybe for the holidays or just because. Gift certificates are always available year round and there is no expiration date.

Questions & Answers


I. What is energy healing and how do you incorporate it into your massages?

Energy healing gently clears energetic blockages to help release emotional and physical pain. Energy work involves moving above and beyond the physical to understand the aspects of the human energy field, helping to create and bring holistic balance. I incorporate energy healing into every massage by listening to the body and by listening to the energy flow, in which we all carry. Every BODY is different and every path that we cross carries a different energy flow. We as humans have the tendency to pickup and carry on energy that does not belong. I find that incorporating energy work throughout my massage, helps to allow every client that I work with to leave my massage table and my massage chair feeling as though a shift has been made, releasing all that is negative and allowing positive energy to take place, allowing the client to leave open and grounded. As quoted from Aristotle - A change in the shape of the body creates a change in the state of the soul.

II. Is energy healing safe?

Energy healing is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing.

III. Are there any benefits to regular massage?

Studies on the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.

IV. Is massage supposed to be painful?

Actually, the idea of “no pain, no gain” does not really apply to massage. Deep tissue massage can hurt, but a well-trained therapist will always work within the comfort lines of their client.

V. Can I still receive a massage if I am pregnant?

When pregnant and receiving a massage it is best that the client be at least 12 weeks (just out of the first trimester).  Massage is okay, as well as beneficial during pregnancy.  It can help to increase circulation and it can help to improve digestion.  It promotes relaxation, it helps reduce swelling, and it can alleviate the stress of weight-bearing joints, like the knees, which are impacted by the extra weight of a growing baby.

VI. What do I do to prepare for a massage? What do I do after?

To ensure your massage is as soothing as possible, get yourself into a relaxed state before you arrive. Make sure you drink some water, before and after.  Play calming music on your ride or walk over. Also, know what needs work. Based on your job, you're more likely to have knots in certain places. Don't be afraid to let your therapist know that you do something that often causes your knots. You'll want to relax after your massage, so if at all possible, try to book it at a time when you know you'll have a period afterwards to relax. Drinking a bottle of water after your massage will very much help to prevent you from getting dehydrated and make sure you have a snack. Even though you were just lying on a table doing nothing, your digestive system was still at work during your massage, chances are that you'll be hungry, and you'll want to keep your blood sugar even. So again, make sure you give yourself time to relax after the massage. If you don't have anything to do for a while afterwards, simply leave on the lotion, drink lots of water, and relax. However, if you need to do something, it's a good idea to wash off the lotion - you may feel like a freshly-greased chicken with it on, plus there's a slight possibility the lotion can get on your clothes. Following the massage just keep in mind and be prepared for some soreness, especially if this is your first time receiving a massage. Whether it's directly after your massage, a few hours later, or the next day, there is a possibility that you'll be feeling sore soon, especially if you had a deep tissue massage. This is perfectly normal, and it's caused by lactic acid flooding your system during the massage, which is why I strongly encourage you to drink a lot of water to flush it out of your body and take a moment for yourself to collect your thoughts, by taking a few deep breaths, before stepping back into reality. 

VII. How does massage benefit my overall health and wellness?

Regular massage helps with pain management. Many Studies have shown regular massages support immune system function and decreased stress-related hormones that can lower immunity. Regular massages are an effective stress-management technique. A weekly or bi-weekly massage forces you to take time out for yourself for a pleasurable, relaxing activity.  Massage is soothing, nurturing, relaxing, and it can improve your state of mind.


Alexandria was essential in my recovery from 2 car accidents a few years ago. Her hands were magical and knew exactly where to go on my body. Now, she is still part of the maintenance of keeping my body at peak performance. I am ever so grateful to her talents.

- Stefani Sherwin

   Pacific Palisades, CA

Alexandria is a very talented therapist. She has a gift that cannot be taught in a class room. The way she listens and responds to the body through her energy work is incredible. I was never able to relax during a massage until seeing her. She was able to not only relax my body, but my spirit and mental space as well. I highly recommend having her as your regular massage therapist.

-Rodnisha Ford
  Poet and ACE Certified Health Coach

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